Welcome to Tim Rowlands Productions House

We specialise in all forms of television and video production. Our team headed by Tim Rowlands (producer and director) has had more than 35 years experience in the television and video production industry in Australia, England and Canada.

We have produced work for TV programs, major international company commercials, corporate videos and professional high quality music videos or website videos.

We are available for your production needs whether it be in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth or internationally. Our experienced professional crews have filmed all over the world. 

Featured Videos

TV commercial

Pretzel World

Duration: 0:15

Size: 1.69 MB

TV commercial

News Ltd True Local

Duration: 0:15

Size: 2.59 MB

TV commercial


Duration: 0:30

Size: 2.67 MB

TV commercial

Bling Jewelry

Duration: 0:30

Size: 11.30 MB

Cinema commercial

Nughetti Pasta

Duration: 1:00

Size: 6.63 MB

Documentary - Freshwater Blue

Staring Chris Atkins

Duration: 4:52

Size: 28.98 MB

Music Video

Debbie Rallis

Duration: 4:02

Size: 25.80 MB

Music video

Megan Longhurst – Ice Girl

Duration: 3:43

Size: 26.70 MB

Music video


Duration: 3:30

Size: 22.79 MB

Music video

Count Effects & Metsi Feat KT

Duration: 3:15

Size: 22.16 MB